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Wordpress Basics Alex Hanson --- Comparison w/ Drupal

  • Wp---> Really Small Projects! (5-50 page content + blog)
  • Permissions -->Better in Drupal. Multi-user sites, esp.
  • Custom content structures: Better in Drupal; Only 2 types in Wordpress (Pages and Posts) Now=Custom fields! but hard to integrate!

Radical Designs is platform agnostic (built own CMS, Used Wordpress/Drupal)

  • Media Galleries = Done with Plugins within wordpress (next generation)
  • Drupal - Each piece of content is a node. You define relationship
  • Simplicity = Wordpress
  • Multisite = Different wordpress sol instances on one site!
  • Access control = more simple in wordpress! Less granular!
  • Drupal --> Scales higher without page breakage!
  • Database interface for WP: Access of CRM interaction
  • Cforms = easy form builder in WP (Auto emailer) most plug-ins there

  • WP plugins: Third Party + Free: Suz only paid for one, most are free.

Drupal = Community abusive/egotistical. At an industrial scale they are not wanting to hear from the public. Want to learn - got to meet ups or blogging events

Watchout for unlisted plugins --> Only get plugins from Some bad ones have malware or have security holes.

  • Usability = In Wordpress much easier
  • Wordpress>typepad!
  • Good intermediate for ppl moving to CMS.
  • Salesforce integration or Salsa
  • Theming can be reused in other application
  • Drupal = main folder and sub folders to store individual site. More nagging about updates.

Updates --- Wordpress vs. Drupal Easy Vs. Harder/ More theme problems!

  • Page tree is folder based lay out
  • Media mgmt: easier in wordpress
  • Wordpress Multisite: more users! Must install theme at top level vs. ---

  • Free can't customize vs must host and can customize
  • is free and it's community building creating a group of bloggers.

Designers/Developers Wordpress/Drupal

Speed of repair - Wordpress is quicker Drupal = easy to kludge --> Make a nightmare for maintenance programmers

Further learning:

  • New wordpress book from O'reilly
  • Wordpress meetups -->Please Attend!