Introduction to Nonprofit CRM

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CRM Session Notes (Tom Tresser

- Wish for set of universal standards that would allow all CRM solutions and modules to talk to one another and integrate - Point of philosophy - using an open source solution versus vendor that would be "closed" or expensive - No solution for simple users, ad hoc groups, small nonprofits (just use MailChimp, Google Docs?) - Pluses and minuses of SalesForce, Convio, Salsa, CiviCRM, NationBuilder, DonorTools - Shout outs for Podio, Voter Activation Network (VAN), Stripe (payment solution, easier to integrate than PayPal) - What if you are a coalition - example regional food bank with 200 members - and you want to create a CRM solution for ALL? - Salsa will be releasing a free version that integrates with WordPress in 2013, Salsa Libre, that will have widgets and add-on options HOW ABOUT - A store front or curated space with ALL the tools discussed and debated here today BUT arranged/displayed by use or problem solved - aimed at the activist end-user.