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Going around with what everyone wants to talk about

  • The future
  • The future
  • General feeling
  • The future
  • Development tools
  • The future, sustainability
  • The future

The Future

  • It’s always been a community driven project
  • At a point where looking at more object model
  • Looking at how easy it is to introduce new entities
  • One thing that’s been important has been to make it easier for a broad range of people to contribute to the project Moved code to github
  • Big innovation
  • Scaling community of contributors
  • Trying to get more robust
  • Effort to create large set of tests running everyday testing the current stable release and the one they’re working on
  • Part of the future has been expanding
  • Working with open source CMSs
  • Working more on developing the APIs in a way that looks more familiar to WordPress developers
  • Working on standalone civi that doesn’t rely on website platform specific extensions
  • Working on automated install process and update
  • Better documenting of what civi does and making the documentation clearer
  • Done a so-so job of pricing projects for securing the future
  • Started a partner program where consultants who provide services will put something back in the pot
  • Looking into a member program
  • Somethings are on their way out
    • Two libraries everyone complains about
    • working on getting rid of dbdata object
  • Working a lot of web forms
    • make more flexible and make that the core of civi form layer
    • Create custom fields
  • Current problem with civi is that there’s not enough drag and drop ability in creating forms everywhere in civi
  • Pushing model of “medium grain widget” (address, etc.)
    • The overall layout would be predefined, but user can add or remove fields
  • Other experiments
    • Inline editing of contact forms
    • Javascript
    • Overhaul of bulk mailer
  • New feature in next release
    • Recurring entities feature to set up events you want to repeat periodically
  • civiVolunteer
    • Records volunteer hours
  • Google Summer of Code
    • civi was chosen to be part of the program
    • got some interns
    • Created A/B testing feature
  • Great innovation going on in the extensions arena. May bring some into core
  • Looking to revamp the installation process