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There are several pages on this website that are about "Help" you may receive.


This website ( is a "wiki".

  • "Wiki" on Wikipedia - To learn more about wikis, read the Wikipedia article about wikis.
  • Help:MediaWiki - This website runs MediaWiki. To learn more about using MediaWiki (either as an editor, or as a reader), visit one of the following web pages:
    1. Help:MediaWiki - for MediaWiki help specific to the version of MediaWiki this Aspiration Tech website is running.
    2. User guide for MediaWiki - this is a user guide from the creators and users of MediaWiki, hosted at It has been released into the public domain, and is often copied to other wikis that run MediaWiki.
    3. "What is MediaWiki?" - this page (from the MediaWiki system administrators guide) describes MediaWiki.

Other pages

There are other "Help" pages on this wiki:


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