Getting tech & non-tech people to hang out

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The Characters

Ivan has been organizing meetups around social good and social tech for a while Rebecca has done non-tech organizing and tech organizing, but hasn't been able to combine the two yet

The Notes

  • Ivan's strategies:
    • in the event description, say what each segment of the audience will get out of the event.
    • make it explicit that everyone will get something out of the event, and that different skill sets are welcomed
    • getting tech people in the room:
      • needing sponsors led to having conversations with tech groups
      • generalized, remember to network with tech groups as well as nonprofits!
    • have a "no question is too stupid" policy
    • have a question parking lot
  • It's probably easiest to do this kind of event when the event is for casual tech users
    • a lot of Ivan's events were about how to choose products, not about the actual tech specs
    • Rebecca's group splits up their weekly hack nights so there are 3 hack nights and 1 non-tech discussion night
    • ask what the goals of the event is (because you're doing social good, so you probably have a lot of goals)