Diversity and inclusion in hiring

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T: work on tech diversity and inclusion. We work on the leaky tech pipeline, from high school to internships. Want to make sure that people we work with know about places like design action. Want to learn how to sell cooperatives and radical places to people.

I'm sure there are things you need that don't require high-level development experience, ex. updating business cards.

Mission bit: local non-profit, teach coding to SF and Oakland urban youth inside schools.

Kapor center: trying to solve the leaky tech pipeline (http://www.leakytechpipeline.com/pipeline/pre-k-12/).

What's in the way?

Not enough skills Not a lot of available labor for training mentorship Not enough capacity to train

For groups that try to fix leaky pipeline, is there some sort of support for training.

T: December 7th, Kapor Center is having a [tech done right day][1]. You can pitch for money to help the cause of diversifying promoting ownership.

You all should be in touch with those doing tech workforce development in your region. We're problem solving around how to build a tech-focused learning in your region. Is there a way you can capitalize on what those people are doing. Maybe you can pilot having them staff the internship and management portion.

[Tech Hire Oakland][2]: Tiffany recommends East Bay tech worker collaboratives join the organization as a partner to access resources, apprenticeship program, programming opportunities, etc. [Year up][3]: staff IT positions for org, but does the staff support for that person. [Techtonica][4]: focuses on women, non-binary, women of color, buy in model for company to have people for bootcamp model. [recurse center][5]: East coast bootcamp.

sponsoring tech conferences often gives you access to resume databases. grace hopper conferences $$$$ but maybe as a group of radical groups.

[Tech Intersections][6]: local Oakland conference coming on January 26, 2019. Tiffany Price one of co-organizers. Looking into discounted sponsorship opportunity for nonprofits/worker collaboratives like Design Action Collective to get access to resume database and tabling opportunities.

Apprenticeship model? It doesn't solve the problem of the labor of the orgnanization but it's a great way to bring someone in for a little less money. It's a great way to learn about that business.

Mixed results from apprenticeships. underestimating the amount of work.

solution: try and take advantage of the outside ecosystem of pipeline systems.

Partner with one specific entity and try and get people through your business.

try to narrow the scope of what we are hiring for.


There are some resources to get moeny to allow for development of radical hires. Coopers: USFWC and local affiliates.

bootcamp: average salary: high! how about us? not so high! that's a problem. we're sometimes 1/2 what corporate

T: places like Oakland and New York are unique in that they have a strong history of activism and social justice. Hack the Hood they take opportunity youth 16-24 and give them access to intro web development. They already have the social justice and activist piece. In your own tech ecosystems, who are those progressive organizations that you can draw from. Those are the young people you want access to. How can you target them?

Find organizations that are allowed with your values that have great inclusive orgs and see who you know.