Developing meaningful virtual connections with remote work

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  • Introduce care into the conversation
  • Start all hands meetings with breakouts and a question prompt
  • Moments of silence, etc to welcome something different -- invite different options. From phone call to other platforms to...
  • Fun prompts introduce more humanity. Softer facilitation.
  • Lean on remote tools even when in person -- in person is exhausting

Question: Where are the boundaries around work hours or vulnerable prompts? How do we establish and honor those?

  • This is a job, it's not a capitalism free zone. Say this in a gentle and humane way though?
  • Time zone expectations -- people have to give and get. It has to be balance.
  • From Facilitative Leadership training from Interaction institute for social change: track outcomes by Purpose, Process and Relationships.
  • When you accomodate time zones, etc take other time off.
  • Leadership establishes the culture. Model what you want.
  • As a leader -- make space for boundary negotiation. When in a cross time zone meeting, be aware of the time of day that people have.
  • Articulate all the things, expectations especially about what is going to happen
  • Some people have a hard time flexing. (Care might be a solution to helping them to do it)
  • Not all prompts are welcomed or okay. Have a plan if you need to shift. Let people pass.

Question: What are the limits of care for each other? What about the person who doesn't show up at all? How much can we flex?

  • Create clear expectations around outcomes. Hours worked, time to respond. Once its established, you have to commit to it.
  • If you have to break the standards, explain why it is unique.

Big Question: How do we create psychological safety? With different working styles, learning methods?

  • How you open the work experience matters, lots of convos
  • Recording meetings, keeping good notes -- asynchronous process
  • Open prompts allow for self regulation
    • How do you know it is fall?
    • What is one thing you have done to care for yourself today?
  • Camera off is a useful option (or collective choice) to ease "Zoom fatigue"
  • Give permission to be how you are. Go to the kitchen, stretch, whatever!
  • Conflict resolution policy is the sewage system of organizations. Have one! It is a system.
  • No agenda = no call!
  • LIFE HACK: Run any paywalled article through the Internet archive to find a copy of it!

Question: How to build relationship outside of meetings?

  • Group conversations for intentional cross collaboration
  • Internal asynchronous practices to create a sense of whole people int he organization -- daily check-ins/check-outs for example
  • Don't be afraid of the quick conversation to connect - 10 minutes, etc.
  • Donut is an app for Slack that will make little connection points with someone, asynchronous or realtime