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Facilitators: Mickey and Sarah

Building on the Usability session on Wednesday, we will try to come up with a checklist to bring to your next project to help answer some usability questions. Hopefully, we'll also talk about how to continue this discussion.

Wow, you've already added notes here! Thanks! So, this is turning into a discussion on making Usability Usable, and building some support systems (website, forum, articles etc) around this topic. We're looking for people to add to this, so let us know if you're interested!

Usability Checklist


The FLOSS Usability Sprints site has good information on usability and open source software on its Wiki, as well as a mailing list to discuss these issues with others.

The Good Experience newsletter is an outstanding resource, especially for making business cases for usability.

boxes and arrows is a great zine on design and user experience.

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen writes a regular newsletter on usability, including statistics and best practices.

The UIE articles have informaiton, and you can sign up to receive them in your email.