DevSummit07:Peer-to-Peer Trainings and Skillshares

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Sign Up Here to Go Peer-to-Peer!

Passion and knowledge will be in no short supply at the Summit, and the Peer-to-Peer Skillshare session will allow participants to teach each other what they know. From crash courses in favorite languages and tools to tips, tricks, and cool hacks, sharing will be the driving ethic and questions will be the currency of exchange for a most spirited 90 minutes.

Participants will sign up on Day 1 to tell others what skills they wish to share, and the skillshare will take place on the second morning.

The duration of each skillshare should be 15-30 minutes, and participants will be encouraged to float from skillshare station to skillshare station several times during the 90 minutes.

Sign up here to offer a skill, following this format:

  • Your name, name of your skillshare, any comments

Currently signed up:

  • Kevin Smith, Bazaar version control, a distributed alternative to CVS
  • Andrew Hoppin, Second Life: the runaway hit virtual world and new online organizing platform; code, community, and business models
  • Eugene Eric Kim, Throwing Kick-Ass, Collaborative Events
  • Ben Mauer, Filtering CSS for Internet Explorer with conditional comments (NO MORE HACKS!)