DevSummit07:Building Outcome Measurement into Nonprofit Software

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Facilitated by Isom Taylor, Ujima Consultants

We all know that non-profit or non-government organizations received funding from government grant, foundation gift or its donors. Funds received are based on the indication of services to be performed or programs to be operated. The challenge for most NPO/NGO organizations is to accurately reporting on what happens with the funding. This becomes a very important aspect of the organizations’ administrative operations, social ethics and legal responsibilities.

Accurately reporting on services and program performance is now moving more and more to the nomenclature of “Outcome Measurements” or how well did the organization really do at what it does. The same government grant, foundation gift or donor source are now requiring some feedback on the recipient organization’s “Outcome Measurements”.

Isom, CEO & Owner of Ujima Consultants, will discuss the use of process management in client service environments. Mr. Taylor will handle dialog on how to help capture the evaluation of critical performance activities and compile the same into outcome measurements reporting of an organization’s operation of services and program activities.