Delivering Minimum Viable Product - MVP isn't just for athletes anymore

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Defining what is MVP? zack explains a little about how and why they do mvp. It gets product in front of user faster, they request modesty from themselves and client, so that you can get ideas in front of users sooner. setting a test or question for wether a product feature is successful. They take different approaches, in zygys case they start with more planning and less programming then move into the development in a more focused way.

What is the overlap for agile and the mvp? That MVP is about getting a simple, unassuming application out the door and responding to experience and feedback.

How do you judge the success of an mvp? judge what viability is? That's a struggle for non-profits who can't necessarily leverage things like focus groups.

MVP may not be software... or technology. Example is the ardvark robot, was actually a person and then they measured the response rate and built technology based on the persons experiences.

Doing tests, they don't even need to be programming, they can be paper or wufoo forms.

Funding has a lot to do with being able to approach development from an MVP perspective, if the funding came with bullet points of what will be created then it can be difficult to overcome. Its important to agreeing with the funder on outcomes?

Immediate goals can drive what is an MVP, if you can be clear about what your immediate priority and goals are then you can often drive features.

How do you communicate to technical staff to get a MVP? Stick with your developer, focus on doing good planning rounds and not letting just writing code. Have a good front end or planning team in place that works with your developer.

resources for learning more - the lean startup? rework by 37 signals? fog creek software

Ingredients for mvp - client is

losing the excitement, not having the cash to redo these projects.

Beta - MVP = broken?