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Why read on?

  • People come to your (client's) website to do a thing. What is that thing?
  • Find your minimum viable content!

Use this tool to:

  • learn about the efficiency of your (client's) website.
  • build internal agreement on website goals
  • learn what to do next time if taking a campaign approach

The basic idea

Make this chart for or, ideally, with a client, for each website objective:

  • Name of org
  • Mission
  • Organizational objective
  • Website goal
  • Target audience (hint, it is not "the general public")
  • Minimum content
  • Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Benchmark/target: a goal based on historical numbers, and a metric to let you know if you've succeeded or failed - and within in a particular time - (by when?)
  • Segments: this refers to Google Analytics-type segments, or, groups of users who have already done the KPI

How to use it

If each of these is a row, keep in mind that there can be multiple columns. For example, you likely have multiple organizational objectives. For each, fill out what follows (e.g. website goal, target audience, etc). This is also true for different target audiences (i.e. they may have different KPIs, benchmarks, etc.)

Use the bottom portion (starting at KPI) to evaluate: is your content doing what you want it to do?

An Example: Social media campaign

Here's an example modified for a social media campaign:

  • Organizational objective: launch a communication campaign to pass specific legislation
  • Campaign goal: collect X signatures
  • Goal of your target audience: make an impact in the world
  • Content: infographic showing bad impacts of not passing said legislation
  • KPI: # clicked through campaign AND # signed
  • Benchmarks: set them
  • Segments: people who have signed before vs. new signers

Another Example: Experimenting with Content

Let's say you already know your KPI/benchmarks, your target audience, and website goal. Fill out all of the other items, and then use the CONTENT item as a variable - make hypotheses. For example: which type(s) of content get [target audience] to raise the average donation to $35?

Other considerations

  • Instead of content, this could be a chat box or other feature