Comparing positive future visions

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info The flipchart captures show two versions of the same post its, one uncategorized and the other distributed over time. the big bullet list is a transcription of all the post its. The original photos are on the bottom :::

What is the future we want to build

simple list

  • Democratic limits on technology
  • Universal Rule of Law
  • No damaging hierarchies
  • Climate action focused on reducing harm
  • The environment isn't getting worse
  • Liberating Institutions
  • No more othering/divisions
  • A healthy planet
  • There aren't any barriers to participation
  • We're not the product
  • Radical inclusivity is the rule, not the exception
  • People learn healthy ways of disagreeing or processing conflict
  • The public good is valued by all
  • Hierarchy is about accountability instead of power + control
  • Government is for/by the people and valued as such
  • Equity is a reality (actual decolonisation)
  • Elevating people & families out of poverty
  • Holding repressive corporate policies responsible for the harm they cause
  • Neurodivergence is honored
  • Racial justice is at the center
  • Human rights advocates are redundant
  • A future with less hours of wage labor and more time for family, friends and community
  • A word that looks like the first 10 minutes of Wakanda Forever
  • Increasing the tax base of multi-millionaire & -billionaire corporations
  • Rooting out & calling out hurtful lobbying actions & Congress's responsibilities to prioritize human rights over money
  • Technology enables and empowers all of us
  • Laws are co-designed by those most impacted
  • a future where we heal harms caused as a society
  • Everybody is cared for
  • Technology = Medicine
  • A future with no, or less, human-caused suffering
  • Everyone has the resources to do what they love
  • No cars. Walkable cities. So many trees. Happy engaged people. Meaningful work.
  • Monopolies are a thing of the past.
  • Safe, secure and empowering technology isn't "alternative"

Extra notes:

  • Time
    • -> sequence
    • -> mode
  • Theme
  • Outcome


  • Perspectives/approaches
    • Themes
    • "7-generation" timeline
    • organisation of actions in timeframe
    • teardown <-> rebuild
    • Immediate next steps
    • turning vision into impact: implementation/measuring impact
  • Full Stack for liberation
  • Systemic realities
    • Power dynamics
    • Causes of needs to be addressed