Commercial determinants of health

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Org looks at the alcohol industry

  • many orgs are siloed: housing, tobacco, alcohol
  • redlining overlays with alcohol/tobacco/ pollution issues
  • segregation geography is still playing out today
  • this is not an accident, for-profit entities are benefitting from generations of harm to select communities
  • what does a community need to be healthy
  • what is a good quality of life
  • what commercial sectors are implicated
  • how do we organize around this?

policylink is looking at data related to poverty rates

  • how to implement universal income in a way that will move folks out of poverty?
  • what are other elements that will move folks out of poverty
  • non-financial, environmental factors
    • children 0-5 resources

What other resources might apply to this problem? how do we support communities?

  • improving air quality
  • access to healthcare and early childhood education
  • job security vs tax credits
  • housing security


  • alcohol harms communities in many ways:
  • domestic violence, overpolicing, other hard drugs
  • we don't live single issue lives
  • non-POC folks drink more alcohol, but impact of alcohol disproportionately affects POC

tobacco & alcohol market more aggressively to POC folks

  • latino communities are now experiencing a wave of effects similar to other communities in the past
  • for-profit sector has kept POC oppressed, this sustains hyper-consumption of product

contra costa county, big problem is housing

  • movements are not interconnected, but the data is

is there data based on surveys at the neighborhood level?

how do we build coalition?

how do we diversify our partners?

what kind of data can we bring to the table to support collective action?

structural determinants of health

  • racial equity & socioeconomic equity and considering how these impact the health of a human
  • individual
  • community
  • society
  • can all contain root causes of health outcomes

building coalition is an important priority

  • EJ, public health, food security, alcohol & tobacco organizations can connect to build power and shift outcomes

tx organizing project

  • school to prison pipeline
  • bail reform
  • healthcare justice
  • immigration

the thing that builds the data is the same thing that builds the coalition, it's human connection

humans build relationships that can bloom into organizational data sharing

this kind of coalition could bring political pressure by putting out report cards on relevant politicans and noting donations from alcohol/tobacco/prison/housing developers

In-home programs to ask questions about why things don't work... understand what's going on in the home in more holistic sense. realization that CAPITALISM causes diabetes & other healthcare problems. self-care: massages, therapy, vegetables/healthy foods, no way to de-stress, only McDonald's. Men did better in program, if male in hetero relationship requests weight loss desire, wife will make healthy meals, etc. Other way around is not relevant.

Kaiser - public health initiatives and convenings

alternative ways to improve health programs and health care access

  • community health worker has become trendy in outreach programs
  • can be just another employee
  • promotoras who are actually community members
  • alternative ways of funding health care outreach in communityies
  • one on one contact in communities are important for reaching families who are falling outside the envelope of health care access
  • children's hospital of LA nd cedar sinai are implementing these kinds of programs

community providing care for themselves is the more effective outreach method

in TX

  • most arrested people are unhoused people
  • police started off as slave-catchers
  • immigrants and unhoused are used to justify/pad law enforcement budgets
  • this creates health instability/inequality in affected communities

social workers vs promotoras

  • how to hire undocumented folks to work within immigrant communities?
  • w9 people as consultants
  • undocuments folks can file for an ITIN

social workers' job is not to keep families together

  • they have a responsibility to be mandated reporters
  • can make establishing trust in communities difficult

promotora model is also used in housing groups, not just health

  • attacking capitalism is hard, is that where we start?
  • coalitions need to deliver meaningful results in the short term

mutual aid, food stamp office will send you to charities if you don't qualify

  • CA welfare state is falling apart, Silicon Valley is stepping in with gig economy options

what are the resources we can put on the door to help share information

  • be careful using cameras around social services/organizing offices, police can demand surveillance video

social worker experience report:

  • mandated reporters when reporting an incident;
  • supervisor asks "what culture are these people?"
  • one time reporter said "kinda gothic" in reference to a white family
  • reporter:"that doesn't matter right now"
  • "i'm white, my people are really weird"
  • supervisor seemd to think it did matter

80% of the reports we got were from people who had a vendetta

trying to get back at friends of theirs

people are reported for using food stamps to buy fancy food

for sending kids to school with dirty clothes or waxy ears

promotora role details:

  • someone already in a visible/trusted role in a community

when was the last time you got a good day/night of rest?

  • literally can't think of it
  • always getting pulled in to another dream/scheme
  • when the revolution is over, what are you gonna do?

"b/c no more jobs for organizers"

  • sleep
  • teaching
  • painting
  • pickling
  • animating
  • understanding myself
  • connecting with universal consciousness
  • writing books

too easy to ruin the things we love by subjecting them to the exploitative systems that drive our economy

  • self-driven work can be research for the career-based work we do
  • propaganda is something that's gotta be made, can be a fun way to develop ideas and projects