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What is Change Management?

Folks offered their various perspectives:

  • Documentation — changing and updating documentation?
  • Need to establish goals?
  • Why, how, get buy in, help people get to a place with goals in mind?
  • Definitional vs specific context. Can't just "build it and they will come."

Technology projects are people organizing projects

The term "intrapreneur" was offered as a type of way to think about how one needs to act as an entrepreneur within an organization to champion and promote a project.

Speed and Trust

  • If too much happens too quickly people may be afraid -- we need to work to introduce change at a pace that people are comfortable with.
  • What is in the org's "change portfolio" -- is there too much change happening.
  • "Moving at the speed of trust" -- being "disruptive" doesn't always work/ have positive outcomes.
  • Sometimes introducing change reintroduces bad experiences from the past when similar attempts were made to introduce change. Need to build trust, encourage conversation, ask about past experiences that went well.
  • Change is emotional labor + labor
  • **Institutional memory** -- orgs typically have poor memory. Change management uncovers (in)tolerance for change in orgs.

Org politics -- Buy In

  • There's a political dimension to change. Change can disrupt existing power relationships in an organization.
  • Organizational capacity building and continuity is wrapped in change management
  • Need to get buy in from both those at the top and those at the bottom. Need to connect project to goals, mission and values of org.
  • How do you get buy in?
    • **Discovery process** is critical -- like a first date. Opportunity for both you and client get a sense of each other and whether you are compatible.
    • By making client also do some work, you get to know how your relationship will work out. You're as much as a stakeholder as other people.
    • Love is blind... Marriage (and working with a new client) is with eyes wide open.

Accounting for (and getting paid for) change management

  • How to scope projects, and include change management?
    • How do you justify in taking so long?
    • Power analysis -- looking at how relationships in the org actually work
    • Padding estimates to account for horus spent on change analysis
  • Is change management a role or part of an existing role?
    • Is this the realm of project or product manager?
    • One can be a "change management consultant"

Resources and References

  • Prosci -- more from for-profit business perspective, pioneer in research into change management.
    • ADKAR: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement
  • Success spectrum Eugene Eric Kim--
    • Results, process, relationships. How do we define success? Need to pre-scope -- is it from the right perspectives, with goal in mind?