Care and Feeding of your Open Source CMS

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Session Notes

WordPress Maintenance

  • general WordPress security
  • Bill from Radical Designs - secure WordPress sites for progressive causes that might
  • John has product management experience and is looking to create bipartisan dialogue
  • Sam runs support division

Sites were getting hacked frequently starting in January.

Best practices - 1. Upgrade your WordPress install 2. Backup

Good plugins are

  • backup buddy
  • VaultPress
  • Wp-Db backup
  • snapshot from WPMU Dev


  • W3 Total Cache


  • sucuri


  • helps manage many sites all at once and do systems operations from the WordPress dashboard

But a plugin for backups can cause issues.

Start with a good host that will

  • upgrade your WordPress site
  • backup your files
  • backup your database
  • caching
  • setup CDN
  • monitoring

Electric Embers does a good amount of WordPress hosting

For security -

  • adding security layers for the Wp-admin screen
  • use Sucuri for malware scanning

Is vaultpress open source? What open source solutions are out there?

If your site gets hacked,

Monitoring services include

  • nagios
  • zabbix
  • pingdom
  • snort (needs to be installed)