CMS Data Mobility and Portability

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Facilitators TBD from participating CMS developers

Data portability between platforms has been a goal for as long as CMS stacks have been in existence. Emerging technologies like CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) offer the promise of a standards-based solution to this longstanding issue. This session will consider the range of content mobility and portability challenges, and developers will weigh in on what's working and what still needs work.

louis talks about his aspiration to have a standards based approach to moving data around between cms/crms.

tom talks about clients need to move their data from one system or application to another over and over over time

folks ask if there are any standards -- donation

erik wants to know more about how to migrate data in to and out of applications more effectively

mike talks about drupal based websites and the need to share data between them.

austin talks about mass migrations and mapping data over the long haul

isabela talks about the indy media challenge of their cms no longer having support.

kathryn -- talks about cms data they are planning to move and asks if there are any good standard migration scripts or paths.

sarah talks about how to think about the process of migration

margot talks about the need of her clients to share their data between separate applications

louis talk about his focus on making xml or some other standard to migrate data between systems and a need to talk to other people developing drupal/joomla etc.

erik talks about how a standard is a good idea but wonders how to make CMS agree on formats and standards about what parts are essential

folks suggest middle ware standards as better option to trying to get the CMS to

tom asks if we are talking about API's or exchange formats

louis explains that he means this "exchange format" to be that central format -- that its this he hopes people can agree on so that exchange format is there.

folks ask about the standard that has been set already open document format, who is using it and what are the barriers to CMIS format being used.

folks ask if there are any suggestions for the best or simplest ways or good suggestions for scripts to import.

folks talk about a few export scripts they use that don't suck like wordpress

folks talk a little about what the challenges or easy parts of migration

louis talks about open social is a good example of a standard but that doesn't seem to have a good documentation

folks suggest that rewriting CMIS might be alot of work so it would have to really be horrible to make people would

we talk about using Open Document Format and how if CMIS can relate to that would be great

discussion take away's --

-- agreeing to an open standard for migrating data between data/cms/crm systems sounds cool and good -- and CMIS is an option because it's already comprehensive and folks are excited by the potential relationship with Open Document Format -- the current state of this is chaos (wow wouldn't that be a cool acronym for our format) -- all developers need to sit down drink and agree on a format