Best Practices in Tech Capacity Building Trainings

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facilitated by Beth Kanter and John Kenyon


Dividing into three categories - before, during and after

Ice breaker

Burning questions in the different categories (see post-its)


Information gathering, logistics, etc. planning, time spent on data gathering...

  • Surveys, or in real time at beginning of session.
  • Learners experience and attitude.
  • Prompts during session?
  • Check-ins during delivery of training.
  • Gathering via poll during webinar.
    • Be prepared to branch based on poll.
    • Baseline survey.
    • Learning analytics.
  • Making it fun - incorporate humor, what not to do, Games.
  • Gallery walk.
  • Visualization galley with quiz.
  • Fishbowl.
  • Start with purpose, objectives, outcomes.

During and delivery

How to deal with difficult people

  • The person who has been told to attend the training.
  • If webinar, you can mute them, or knock them off line.
  • Ask who else is interested in that question or issue? If no one, then can defer to later.
  • Never get defensive.
  • Create time by re-articulating the question. Parking lot.

Adapting agenda

Be prepared to skip slides. And/or abandon agenda.


  • Follow-up.
  • Reflective practice, within the hour, what was meant to happen, what did happen, what surprised me.
  • Taking the easy path vs the most difficult.
  • Written evaluation, or pop quiz type, what have you learned.
  • Tweets plus storify.

Wrap-up: meta-reflection.