Anticipating the death of corporate social media

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Corporate Social Media is Dying, what should non-profits do?

Short answer: revise or create their comms strategy.

Where are your people at with the impact of social media? On their work/lives?


  • There are different generations of social media, and their state of thriving and impact on work/life are different
  • To broadcast their lifestyle to friend & strategies
  • To archive their thoughts and photos
  • Live (e.g. webinar, etc. selling stuffs)
  • Most people aren’t “posters”
  • To lurk on others

Promotion (self/idea)

  • Artist communities share their work & engagement
  • Journalists have a tough time leaving social media, even if they want to, because its where this promote their work
  • I miss events because I’m not on social media
  • LinkedIN - trying to find a job would be vv difficult - even in applications
  • Means of bringing in traffic


  • Impact - they feel stressed out - because others around them seen to have better lives than they do
  • Impact - double-edge axe. Enemy will know what
  • What does healthy social medial look like?
  • I killed twitter acct, I killed Reddit. Use FB for Family, I use IMGUR news + meme
  • People seem tired of new platforms
  • Impact - they feel drained by all the doom scrolling
  • They feel addicted to doomscrolling
  • People have gotten used to harassment
  • Impact - they feel burnt out


  • Staying up to date on the news
  • People - ie journalists - are concerned about how ownerships of companies affects the safety of their comms
  • Concerned: If twitter crashes, holes in their articles (oembed)


  • How can we compensate for the reach possible with twitter. Future of amplification
  • Disconnect between the theory of change
  • Staying up to date on what organisations ace up to?
  • Our users don’t seem to want everything to be social
  • Slactivism (hit like button)
  • What are they using?
    • Insta
    • FB
    • Group
  • How politically are groups thinking?
  • Spectrum of movement groups
    • Don’t use (for whatever, lack of capacity to understand it’s danger)
    • Don’t want to use but feel like we have to?
    • Very committed to using
  • Light touch points for contact
  • Fundraising
  • Awareness - raising campaigns


  • Seeing inspiration from community
  • Smaller communities = less risic
  • Staying connected to friends who live abroad
  • Threshold for following & connections (grocery rule close ties)

QAF’s for guiding people through our social media reality

  • How to avoid lockin to a network?
  • What kind of interactions do we intend to encourage & discourage
  • Could this be a group chat?
  • What don’t you want to share?
  • Who is your potential current audience
  • Who can read your DMs?
  • Where else do your communities live, socialise, engage?
  • Who are you reaching that you don’t want to be reaching?
  • Who is doing this work?
  • How do you move your followers and content?
  • What are the advantages of small & local vs huge & global?
  • Are you measuring your impact of social media
  • What are your concerns about social media use in the context of the current
  • Are you measuring your social media impact? How?
  • What’s the ROI for using the platform for my campaign/ Intake / business
  • How is this platform affecting my well being?
  • How would your mental well being improve by not being on these platforms?
  • Does your tool serve your audience?
  • What are the hidden costs?
  • What are harmful policies for people at risk?
  • How dependent am I on these platforms?
  • What do these platforms know about you that your most closest friends don’t?
  • Why not communicate this announcement via email?
  • What are questions that people should ask themselves more often?
  • Would having your own website meet your needs/be a good alternative?
  • Could I survive without social media
  • Who owns/controls the platforms?
  • Do I have the contact details of my friends?
  • Privacy. Is it safe?
  • What personal details are required in order to use the platform
  • Is this the best way/only way? Using social media? Is there another way?
  • What is social media doing for you?
  • What are you trying to accomplish? How can social media support that?
  • Is my reach effective?
  • What are the motivations of the provider?
  • Is my use of the platform empowering the opponents of our mission?
  • What type of governance works for you?
  • How doe the form determine what is communicated. What types of interactions are possible?