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CRM Drupal Wordpress Metrics Mapping CSS/Responsive Social Media Mobile Digital Footprint Tech 4 Justice Race Gender Digital Divide Accessibility Community Engagement Organizing Open Source Politics/Praxis/Theory of Change/Goals and Strategies Economic Justice Data Visualization
Salsa API “Case studies” of how we've built the same or similar things with different CMSes: Drupal, Wordpress especially! (Joomla and Plone too) Native WordPress themes vs. other themes? How can I tell my tech project is effective Useful tools for mapping realestate power structure to combat gentrification CSS Frameworks: what are the pros and cons? When are they most useful? Practical methods and tools for “big” listening on social media How do we tear down the walled gardens of mobile so we can pwn it? When to go beyond existing social media (twitter and facebook) What gadgets do we want/need? (for movement building) How can I make technology careers more accessible regarding race, gender, economics We need to talk about gender in tech “Digital Divide” - Is it a valid way to frame a debate? We need to talk about best practices for accessible websites (e.g. color blindness, etc.) How do you get communities to really, actually collabrate online? How to build a socialized movement on a non-monetized medium? We need an effective, practical evidence-based guide to social change: Historic analysis, roles, phases of change-inter and intragroup- “Doing Democracy” William Moyer Do we need a truer/better economic awareness? Want to hear horror stories about data visualization
How do you save nonprofits from Salesforce? Learn Drupal in 3 days for end users Wordpress tricks and best use Measurement and evaluation strategies for tech interventions I want to learn to do CSS in SASS Trade-offs between usability of “spy on me” tools vs Open Source alternatives Can the baseband vulnerability (in mobile) be realistically solved? Is there an open source industry classification system? How can the nonprofit sector get ahead of the technology curve? What are the barriers for more women and people of color working in non-profit/social justice oriented tech? Anti-oppression work in tech (internal) How do we design technology to not widen the digital divide? How can tech support those who are most dispossessed? What are the best public engagement tools to activate constituents and move them to action? Minimum viable platform for grass roots organizing Open source options for “Contact your representative” advocacy Visualizing a workflow
Different experiences in installing donor databases Frameworks vs. Content managers for non-profit web stuff (i.e. Rails v. Drupal) I want the easy path to wordpress theming What are metrics for movement building? Creating massive adoption of existing tech solutions (how do we?) How do you increase visibility of your organization and engagement When's it appropriate to build an app vs. a mobile website? How can we support digital asset management for cultural organization Gender justice in the tech world How can we make useful tech tools available and useful to unpaid activists (without resources to pay for fancy things) How to improve neighborhood communication How to do effective, inclusive organizing for social change Can code be used for revolution Data visualization in strategy and planning
Where are we going with web analytics? Migrating to responsive web design What is useful about issue-level Social Media monitoring? How to use handheld devices' constant communications to better ends Digital footprints, what to do Feminism in tech How to make websites more accessible? (for visually impaired users, etc.) Were we wrong to cheerlead technology for activists? We need an effective, practical, evidence-based guide to organizing a group: meetings, management, models,accountability, transparency, legal decision-making processes Interoperability of platforms (Crosstalk) How can graphic designers move to open source?
When do you know your tech project is completed? Responsive design: What are the best practices? Tools? Standards? Priority devices? Does your organization NEED an app? Patriarchy in tech Making content accessible Recruiting volunteers to help Oakland schools with technology Crowdsourcing development of open source projects How can we help organizations see connections of their values to technology choices? What are some good free graphic design hacks for nonprofits?
How do we measure the impact/success of hard to measure/hard to quantify stuff? How to create responsive websites on a budget How can we challenge patriarchy in tech spaces Making the workplace more accessible to all Managing tech volunteers Applying community organizing techniques to online organizing (It's not just PR) Storytelling How to tell stories with data to make people care about your cause
Useful measures of engagement especially online “metrics” How to approach design and development of “responsive” websites Build solidarity among women and gender queer people in tech What does access to technology in the US (local) mean? Story-telling for social justice
Gender and identity inclusive tech culture – How to get there? User-centric design Sustaining community online after a face-to-face event
How can we be better at listening to the communities we serve? Post NPDev
Establishing ongoing face to face knowledge/socialising expertise sharing beyond NP Dev Summit
How to move our work into multiple languages
Business / Work Models & Methods ? Worker Owned Cooperatives Networks & Wireless Sustainable Livelihood Environment Sustainable Funding Experts and Non-experts Failure Organizational Culture Organizational Learning Educating NP Folks about tech
contracts/grants for a future that doesn't suck (creative commons, sharing, IP, competition) documentation What is the nptech topic of the moment? How does effective project management work in worker owned shops People's open network free wireless internet in the Bay Area – Or, anywhere? When to use volunteers? When to contract? How can companies develop their economies while be environmentally aware of? Potential projects for funding by the awesome foundation How can we start moving non-techie users to Linux as a primary operating system? Successful failures. How can we learn from failures? Effect of organizational culture on its technology Boot-strapping knowledge within organizations What are the best practices for NP humans to learn tech?
How can we build more resiliant labor sharing networks? Does index investing reinforce the status quo? Best practices for coops who work for nonprofits Building de-centralized communications networks How to find your inspiration and keep working long term? What do we do with our tech hardware when its outdated? What is our responsibility to it? How can we fund speculative/R&D/side projects for great justice? Breaking down the walls between “techies” and “non-techies” to create more accessibility How do we document our failures so we actually learn from them How do we communicate well over well-defined role boundaries Where is the Khan Academy or MOOC for facilitation of movements and internal organizational processes What should be a MOOC for nonprofit tech? Should there be one at all?
Tech worker union? Maybe IWW wobblies? Influence government policy from the inside exploring the tech coop model and its variants Federation? Syndication? Distributed networks? Preventing/managing burnout What are the ecological, international labor and energy costs of computing? How to use crowdfunding platforms for change, (new funding paradigm?) What are good platforms for non-techies to launch a website? Active listening in discovery processes The implication of specialization of knowledge within organizations Adopting lean techniques in NGO tech space How do we access the resources (expertise, tools). We need when we don't know where to look?
Stories about using mobile in operations vs communications How can we leverage physical computing in this movement? Can we build collaboration among cooperative design & development shops & how? Federation What does sustainable right livelihood look like for individuals in nonprofit/ social justice tech? How to help non-profits hack smarter, not harder How to distribute effort & funding for shared problems Barely on the WWW, how do we get on and ready for tablets Enablers and blockers of cultural/technology change Who is doing what in tech development? Overlaps? How to provide sustainable support solutions on a small scale?
What are other financially sustainable besides nonprofits while working for social change How can tech worker owned cooperatives collaborate more effectively? Nourished bodies for sustainable activism Getting popular buy-in for reducing impact on planet Tell us ideas for funding movement tech we haven't heard of Demystifying data analysis: narrow the gap between community and “data scientists” who parachute in and bestow insights Cultivating introverted leadership How to apply design thinking everywhere? How do people learn technology skills? Why THOSE people?
How to make our work sustainable and not drive people into corporations Get your affluent tech-sector friends to donate money What are the next generation techniques for evaluating tech? What are best practices and processes for getting staffs to adopt new technologies?
I want to hear about good examples of sustainability How do we adapt foundation funding model to tech development Discuss: Everyone should learn to code vs. no they shouldn't Training techniques. What works?
Support for people to stop working “normal” jobs Alternative sources of start-up/product/service capital $? Educating non-techies about the mission impact of technology
How to make your nonprofit sustainable Securing resources for tech in small non-profit budgets"
What is the salary distribution in NPO tech sector? Funding for supporting growing new non-for-profit ventures"
Recruiting people and keeping"
How & why we should do digital detox?"
We should talk about mental health and activist sustainability"
Open Data Data Data Management Ethics of Tech $ Mobile crypto Anonymity Crypto Crypto Privacy Privacy Open Ecosystem Alternative education and tech development and creative communities and collaborative learning Collaboration Project Management Local above Global Development tools and practices
How to access open government data? Does impact data really tell us about impact? Data management for healthcare and HIPAA orgs Is “the Internet” evil and can we do anything about it? How to provide affordable services to nonprofits and still make a living? Encrypted communication for mobile devices (do people think about it, what do wee need?) How can we encourage free speech? PGP Applications – what's out there? What are the biggest privacy concerns with nonprofits? Security in plain language Supporting/Growing the open ecosystem Role of hacker spaces in Npdev Secure options for productivity and collaboration tools Project Management Tools and techniques How important is localization and when to think about it Continuous Integeration and automated testing techniques
How to take abstruse data and make it accessible and organize-around-able? How to find data Building a database to fight corporations All technology/tools should have a theory of change Security when using the cloud Is anonymity attainable? Are the “safe” places to put data? Practical plans for email encryption implementation for small organizations I want to learn more about data privacy How the CSA mode can inform open source tech development Social justice hacker schools Open source tools to replace dropbox, google, and basecamp Collaborative development tools (github, pariing, etc) Localization of content Pros/cons of different development frameworks
How does data get between cities and residents/citizens Tools, techniques,strategies to collect impact data? Should we be enforcing and discussing limits of technology use? Online security for undocumented communities How can we fight mass surveillance Host your own cloud with things like Docker and Flynn How can we encourage crypto adoption? What's the current state of FLOSS replacements for Google Apps? (Calendar, Webmail, spreadsheets, contact management) How can social sector organizations contribute to open platforms? Hackerspaces creative communities, what theyre about and how to collaborate How do visual designers and programmers work together successfully? What are good project management practices? Take your first steps with Python Programming
Should we use shady data scraping/is it necessary to be shady to “win” How does tech concentrate power? How to live with the NSA Want to roll my own DropBox. How? Can we give tools that protect privacy to the people who dont understand privacy issues? Why is it so hard to even talk about privacy? How do you build organizations capacity of technology success? What tools help to create an environment that 'co-teaching' (staff educating each other) [Yammer, Quora] How can we work across organizations to develop shared tools? How does content strategy integrate with agile processes? Pair programming to improve yr skillz
What would be in a “weather report”* for the climate movement *on the movement, not the 'weather weather... How does information science theory drive tech/web development What are NPO folks thinking about using (or opposing)? Google Glass as a tool in your work? Should nonprofits/activists use Facebook, and Twitter, Etc.? How to HTTPS (Websites) effectively and with TLC configuration confidentiality? How can I get my hands on (or contribute to) open hardware devices How do folks structure work/projects to encourage growth and mentorship? What does open source systems monitoring look like? Learn regular expressions
Metadata? Microformats? Why? How is the tech industry complicit with gentrification? Clouds? Are these safe? Non-google? “Good”? We need to build in security/privacy more fundamentally What should our sector's response to the NSA be? What does a 'Peoples' Technology' look like Effective cross cultural collaboration what makes it work? Using Github to manage open source projects
I want to talk about BIG data. What can we do with them? Crypto Parties at Sudo Room, wherever What 's next for encrypted email? Explain the 'data privacy' threat. Why should I care that Google knows me? Combatting the gentrification (corporatization) of FOSS How to trick you all into working together Best practices for working with tech volunteers Your lack of continuous integration server physically hurts me (and you)
Making secure communication easy Simpler PGP How to HTTPS (Websites) effectively and with TLC configuration confidentiality? How to create tools to teach open source methodology and value I want to hear about open source collaborative tools that work What would you need to do software development driven by activist end users? Best practices for web development for small nonprofits with small to tiny budgets
Hardening websites How do we ensure that tools we're building support missions (not convenience) How to create a community based on listening How can tech reflect democratic organizing principles?
Crypto and its use in activists tech How we explain the alignment of NGO's and Open Source How do we learn from working with other geographic regions
How do we increase the development of opensource software? What are the alternatives to Google Apps?
How do we define values for our organization's use of tools and wean ourselves off tools that dont fit with our values?
Stepping out of proprietary thinking