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*How to win at scrabble in 10 minutes
*How to win at scrabble in 10 minutes
*How to use and add to OpenStreetMap (beginner level)
*How to use and add to OpenStreetMap (beginner level)
*How to attribute a cc-licensed work T
*How to attribute a cc-licensed work

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  • How to teach non-tech students to code!
  • How to set up a TOR hidden service in less than 5 minutes
  • How to do transformative community organizing
  • How to start learning Creole
  • How to do Drupal etc. work FASTER
  • How to organize a distributed event/ day of action
  • How to document (software) architecture decisions with ADRs
  • How to use CiviCRM (an introduction)
  • How to manage people
  • How to build components with Drupal Paragraphs
  • How to Hop a freight train!! Travel for free! See America! Meet interesting people!!
  • How to use Mumble for audio conference with low-bandwidth
  • How to kill patents on science
  • How to knit cables without a cable needle
  • How to hygge the Danish way
  • How to play a modular synth
  • How to understand the perspective of non-techie project manager working w/developers and end users
  • How to make safe and cheap cleaning products for your home or office (basic and good stuff)
  • How to change your life with great team retrospectives
  • How to design successful user engagement journey
  • How to effectively listen to other people
  • How to get your slipped disc back to its place (...and escape surgeon's knife)
  • How to dance!
  • How to become a paranoid disaster prepper and build a great bug-out bag
  • How to host your own Heroku for easy deployment of web applications with open source tools
  • How to secure your Wordpress website
  • How to make a one page folding zine
  • How to use hugs to share private secure messages in insecure environments
  • How to fit four computers in this little bag? Raspberry Pi-2, Pi-3, Pi-zero, Next Thing, and uses of Pi in the home
  • How to feed people with complicated dietary needs
  • How to track and support people arrested during protest
  • How to throw a frisbee 300 feet or more
  • How to acknowledge indigenous protocol
  • How to learn Mutsun Ohlone (song sharing) 1st language of South Bay
  • How to chirp like a cricket (whistle methodology)
  • How to make GIFs
  • How to use neutral pronouns in conversation
  • How to provide activist legal support and observation
  • How to write @ decorator in python and also, like, why?
  • How to tie your shoes
  • How to make a free DIY treadmill desk, structure your day, and otherwise keep your body and happy while working in the matrix
  • How to dance cumbia and zapateado
  • How to write your first (simple) python program
  • How to win at scrabble in 10 minutes
  • How to use and add to OpenStreetMap (beginner level)
  • How to attribute a cc-licensed work