2016 Skillshare Topics

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  • How to interview/hire developers
  • How to start a cohousing community
  • How to use CertBot (The EFF Let's Encrypt client)
  • How to work with Non-allies (people you think you hate!)
  • How to make a map with open source software?
  • How to choose a license
  • How to make less terrible slide-shows
  • How to publish static websites quicly and host cheaply
  • How to use evernote when you don't know how to use it
  • How to launch a website using GitHub
  • How to find out if your computer or company network has been hacked
  • How to use Signal
  • How to program in python
  • How to get out of your brain and into your body (dance? yoga? whatevs)
  • How to backpack in California
  • How to coordinate a team remotely across timezones
  • How to troubleshoot a problem on a website (Drupal/Backdrop/Civi/other!)
  • How to create a custom WordPress Beaver Builder
  • How to securely share a file with one of more people
  • How to search text with regular expression
  • How to Salesforce
  • How to get started with Salesforce
  • How to teach numeracy and or basic data analysis and visualization to writers
  • How to build a compost toilet
  • How to get your co-workers to adopt a new tool or practice
  • How to write P2P data apps
  • How to coordinate large global online communities
  • How to be a great independent consultant to nonprofits
  • How to better encourage student leadership
  • How to start with self-defense/martial arts
  • How to interview for research, testing or evaluation
  • How to organize and run hackathons (both unconference and pre-planned)
  • How to claim space, use a mic, connect with an audience, leave an impression, maximize retention and recall